Friday, April 02, 2010

Weeks end

It's been a tough week, one that I am glad to see the back off. My gorgeous wee two year old has not been at all well, and after 3 doctors visits and a day at starship she finally turned the corner and started eating again today.

She is normally such a mischievous little monkey. Highly spirited, into everything, tough as leather and always has a smile on her face, so it has been hard to see her so quiet and withdrawn, and Ooo the crying has just about driven me (and Isabella) mad!

Tonight as I put Lucy to bed she sat and rubbed my head, smoothing the hair off my face as I always do to her and Bella - she hasn't done it to me all week so I had sort of forgotten about it, but my it felt so good. Those gorgeous, clumsy, chubby little hands still finding their rhythm, but at the same time feeling so loving and special to me - I hope I always remember the feeling, it is sad that these little ones grow up so quickly!

Hopefully you are all enjoying a relaxing and enjoyable Easter with your families. I am certainly looking forward to two whole weeks of holidays and some fun family times.

C xx


  1. What a beautiful post Cat. So glad little Lucy is on the mend. It's so horribly when they are sick but so lovely when they get better. It really does make you appreciate all their naughtiness and cheekiness! Lovely photo. Books,sister, hot cross buns and a pussy cat to keep you company. My idea of heaven!!

  2. lovely post. glad she is feeling better.

    i just love how cats seem to sneak into every photo. lol

  3. Glad to hear your little one is feeling better. Scary when they're sick. Have a great Easter!

  4. Hope she is feeling's never fun when the little ones are sick and you can't do's the worst thing in motherhood.