Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guess who won Lotto last night...

... well it wasn't me... I was sooooo sure I had the winning ticket, I had already spent that 36 million over and over in my head. Maybe next time the lotto man will give me the right ticket...

I can't believe it is Thursday already! Where does the time go?? I have been madly busy over the last couple of weeks, and as a result my studio is an absolute shambles. I had every intention of cleaning it up tonight, as I am finding the creative juices are completely smothered in the mess, but alas I got half way through and was called away to avert some 5 year old child crisis...

Now I have lost the motivation - so my sewing table still looks like this...Kraftbomb is on again this Sunday - 11am-2pm at the Grey Lynn Community Centre (Main Hall), 510 Richmond Road. Gosh, that is only a couple of days away, better get my skates on and get organised!Nothing much else to report. Like I said, life has been a little hectic, I still haven't had time to finish off the waist bands on my pile of skirts... maybe I will do that tomorrow instead of tidying the studio... hmmm.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sewing, Sewing...

I have been glued to my sewing machine for the last couple of nights. So far I have 9 skirts stitched and hemmed, just need to pop the waistbands in and then they are all ready to go! I feel like I haven't had a chance to get much sewing done lately with sick, grumpy kids, so it was nice to have a bit of time to potter away. I will post some pics once completed...

Lucy and I have just been playing in the backyard, and I just had to get a snap of my gorgeous hibiscus flowers..

We came inside to find our lazy cat, Cinnamon fast asleep soaking up the sun, this cat just never ventures outside!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Farmers Markets, Trains & Ducks

We had a fun day yesterday. It was absolutely freezing, but we rugged up and headed into the City Farmers Markets in the morning. Grabbed a much needed hot coffee, some pastries, fresh crusty bread and some lovely fresh veges then jumped on a train at Britomart. The girls love going on the train, so we had a quick ride then headed off to the duckpond (again). The ducks, pigeons, and today some lovely Pukekos were happy to see us and our bread. Next a play in the park, then home for an afternoon nap.... well, for Lucy anyway!

We also managed to get out into the garden whilst the sun was shining and it is now feeling a lot happier. It was looking so neglected so much better now with a mow and a weed. I still need to tackle the vege garden though... maybe this afternoon...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Feeding the ducks...

Ahh, another beautiful winters day in Auckland.

Lucy and I couldn't resist a visit to the duckpond today to feed the ducks. The weather was just glorious and we had such a fun morning. Lucy was in hysterics when a whole flock of pigeons decided to land on top of her (as she wouldn't part easily with her bread!).

I just had to share a few pics on here.

Just getting organised...
"Right, who's hungry?""Enough with the ducks, where are the swings?""OK, I am tired and hungry now, lets go home!"

Planet Neptune

My beautiful 5 year old was in her first school show last week... she featured as Planet Neptune!!

The school undertook the mammoth task of involving every child (about 360 of them) in the show, and it was just incredible. I helped out with costumes, and being one of the makeup ladies on the show nights (4 nights long!!) so it was all great fun.

By the end of the week Isabella was just exhausted, as were we, and she now has a terrible chest cough/cold, but she is still singing the show songs every morning as she gets dressed for school!

A couple of snaps attached, although please excuse my photography, it was hard work trying to get a shot of the kids as they were bouncing off the walls with excitement!

Isabella getting her 'stage' make up on at home.Planet Neptune!Planets and Aliens!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tartan Thursday

I have just been out to hang the washing out (hurray for the sun!) and noticed how depressed my garden looks (I can't even bring myself to take a pic to post for you, it is THAT bad!). It has been totally neglected lately... in good need of a mow, and a weed, and about the only thing looking vaguely happy in my vege patch is the parsley... need I say more. Well, that will be the weekend job, as long as the sun remains shining.

Back to an area that I have been doing something... I found this old skirt in an op shop the other day.
And just loved the fabric. I knew it would be great for the girls, so it is now this!Snuggly and warm for winter!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ugly Duckling..

Here is the 'Ugly Duckling' skirt I promised earlier in the week. I whipped it up today knowing Isabella would be asking for it after school. I have also listed one in my felt shop here.

No time to write tonight - am off to the 'Great NZ Bake Off'.. Ooo, can't wait to see what yummy goodies are there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This and that...

I had great intentions of finishing off a few sewing projects tonight, namely pj pants for the girls, and a couple of skirts, but I made the mistake of sitting at my computer first, and have just spent the last hour or so catching up on blogs I haven't read for ages! Sewing will have to wait til tomorrow. But I will share a few cool things that I found with you!

I spotted these GORGEOUS gift tags on the Creative Thursday blog. Marisa is one clever lady, she has the most divine illustrations.
And, how cool is this. The supremely talented Helen Dardik (AKA Orange You Lucky) is giving away free high res, printable book plates. They are super cute - make sure you get yours!
And I just love this work by artist, Allegra Agliardi.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Fabric...

Oh how I love getting new fabric... I have been trying to limit my fabric buying, and have been doing well, but just had to get these gorgeous Red Letter Day fabrics from Lizzy House.

Ducks in a Row, and Ugly Duckling... And surprise, surprise, the girls want skirts made out of them!

I will post a pic once complete.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Carolyn kindly sent through some pics from her shop Pocket in Lyttelton... looks lovely and better yet it stocks some of my products! If in Lyttelton pop in and say hi to Carolyn and grab yourself an Owie Bag or Crayon roll...