Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Loving the sunshine

Milford beach at 9am on a winters morning... need I say more?

My two particularly beautiful, if not incredibly lazy cats on said Winters morning...

After hanging the washing, Lucy and I donned our gumboots and collected some of the fallen grapefruit and mandarins in the backyard. Don't the colours look gorgeous next to the washing basket!

C xx

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feels like Spring...

What a beautiful few days we have had. The weather has been so deliciously sunny and warm with clear blue skies (ohh, and freezing nights). We spent the afternoon at the beach (with just about every other Aucklander I think!) kicking a ball around. The girls had a wonderful time and now can't wait for summer - only about 5 months away !!

On another note, I found some more seriously gorgeous vintage books the other day for a whopping $1 each!! Their condition is far from great, but the illustrations are so divine, I promise to put them to good use - watch this space...

C xx

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


What a beautiful morning, the winter sun is streaming in to my studio this morning... a welcome relief from all the cold wind and rain! I feel like curling up with the cats in the warm sun and enjoying whilst Lucy has her lunchtime nap, but there is too much work to do.

Better dash.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thrifty finds

I popped out to the library earlier to pick up this book which I had on hold... as I was driving home I went past the Salvation Army store and saw their truck unloading. I couldn't resist having a quick rummage...

This is what I found today:

1. Ms. Klondike, by Jessica Ross. Published in 1977 by Viking Press in New York.
I am in love with yellow at the moment, so it was rather fitting that I found this fabulous 'yellow' book! Unfortunately it has been scribble on, but the illustrations are lovely. I have a few ideas for re purposing this so watch this space!

2. Bits and Bobs.
A new fruit bowl... The vintage cutlery are to become my new herb garden markers... I already have some pretty flowers sitting on my desk in this new jug... love it! And call me a sucker, but I just couldn't resist this simple plate...

3. Clothes.
And finally I got these 4 items which are to be turned into some fabulous new creations... The 'crystal' buttons on the top were too gorgeous to resist (who can resist buttons?), and I thought the top itself would make a great journal cover, the is soft with an interesting pattern... the fabric on the black floral tunic is so gorgeous - soft and floaty. It has already been claimed and will become a lovely summer skirt for Isabella. The other two skirts are rather large and the fabric is in great condition, so they will become a few kids skirts too.

I will post some pics once I have completed some of these projects (mind you I have so many others on the go I can't promise it will happen quickly).

C xx

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beach Treasures

It was a wet and windy afternoon yesterday, but we just HAD to get the girls out of the house !!

We headed to the beach/park, and did a bit of treasure hunting...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

School Holidays...

Wow, where has the last 2 weeks gone? School holidays have kept us busy - thankfully the weather wasn't too cold. We had a fun first week - playing at the park and beach.

We also had a great day at the Zoo last week... having a FOTZ pass certainly makes a difference. We have been taking the kids regularly since Isabella was about 1 and it means they know exactly what they want to see each time we go, they never tire of going and it is a great day out in the fresh air!

We couldn't get over how the tiger cubs had grown since we'd last been, they certainly don't look like cubs any more, and Lucy spent half an hour telling me about the 'psst cats' after we'd moved away from their enclosure!We also managed a trip to Butterfly Creek where we played with the farm animals, bunnies, had a train ride and saw the new Crocodiles... they are HUGE! Oh, and the baby Alligators, which Bella and I had a little pat of... they felt like my shoes according to Bella!

Isabella managed to come down with Chicken Pox for the second week which dashed our plans of heading away... she has been miserable as her spots got infected which means she has been on antibiotics for the week - just coming right now in time for school! She is gutted that she lost a whole week of holidays!!

So week two involved making Isabella some new 'Barbie' pj's (as you have to wear pj's when you are sick, and when you are 5 they just have to be Barbie!)

... and baking biscuits...

... and lots of puzzles and books and drawing...

Monday, July 06, 2009

A bit of Inspiration

The Devonport Craft Market was on yesterday... I think the cold wet weather kept a lot of people away as it was quiet, but as always, it is lovely to get out and sell at the markets and meet real people!

On another note, I just found these gorgeous images from the Vintage Children's books group on Flickr. I just had to share some of my favourites....
They found all the other animals crowded around the puddle together. "A whole farmyard full of animals has fallen into the water," they all exclaimed. "We must run for help!"
The Rain Puddle by Adelaide Holl. Pictures by Roger Duvoisin (Bodley Head 1965)

Various images from Mabel Lucie Attwell books (1960's - 1970's)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

To market

Devonport Craft Market this Sunday.
10am - 2pm at the Devonport Community House at 32 Clarence Street.

Hope to see you there!