Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The last of the summer wine

Who said summer was over? We had a lovely evening on Castor Bay beach on Sunday... I think it comes down to no forward planning! Whenever you plan these things something always goes wrong. Anyway, we had a great group of friends, gorgeous weather and well behaved happy kids! What a great recipe.

Below are some shots of the kids before we went home - these were taken about 7pm as you can tell from the long shadows on the beach.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Take two..

Well here is journal number two... actually, I am on a bit of a roll and have made a stack of covers in different fabrics, just have to stitch in the paper - but I am in loveeeee with this pink diamond one, so just had to blog about it. Isabella has already claimed it!

I will try and get the others all bound this week so I can list some for sale, then start on some of my other projects on the list!


Monday, March 16, 2009

journal power...

I have finally finished my FIRST hand stitched cloth journal! I have to admit, I have been thinking about this for ages, and planning... and thinking some more... anyway, I finally did it! And I am so pleased with how it turned out. I now have family vying for them and putting in orders, so better get busy!

The cover of this one is from half a cloth napkin I had - just had to buy it a few years ago as I loved the fabric! I knew it would be put to use for some special project eventually :-)

Lovely glittery, metallic paper lines in inside front and back covers. And I have hand stitched it with a lovely green embroidery yarn.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Polly or Holly?

Well yesterday had to be a test for me... What a day! The morning started with Isabella throwing the biggest tantrum in history, and I mean BIGGEST, about going to school. Then once we finally got sorted and into the car the damn thing wouldn't start! Thankfully we managed to get hold of Nana who kindly came over and lent me her car to take Bella to school... after a call out to the AA and $180 bucks for a new battery the car now starts - much to Bella's relief at home time as she was worried I may not pick her up with a broken car!
The afternoon was just as interesting. We arrived home to find a sick little hedgehog wandering around in the garden... Bella kindly prepared a bowl of water (vegemite lid) which Polly, or was that Holly the hedgehog spent half an hour drinking. She was one thirsty hedgehog! We took her to the vet and Bella has spent the past 24 hours talking about when Polly, or Holly is coming home.... lets hope she forgets about it sooner or later!


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Birthday Buzz

This is a little out of order - but I thought I would share some pics from Isabella's 5th Birthday Party over the weekend. We had a beautiful 'Tea Party' for Bella and her friends, complete with 'real' china tea cups and saucers! Although the heavens opened and we had torrential rain and gale force winds, Isabella and her friends seemed to have a fabulous time.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Today is bittersweet for me, it is my first blog... and my daughters first day of school (well second by the time I actually post this!).

I have been meaning to set up my blo
g for some time, but am a great procrastinator, so have managed to put it off until now. Anyway - here goes!

Well, my gorgeous (eldest) daughter Isabella went off to school on her first day as brave as brave can be. No tears (although I had to quickly pull my sun glasses on as I left her classroom...) and a huge smile when I picked her up at 3pm. Long may it last. I hear the first week is ok, then they realise that this is a permanent fixture and suddenly not so much fun anymore! Photo of Isabella and Lucy attached. Look at Lucy, not a care in the world, whereas it’s Bella’s big day.