Monday, March 29, 2010

Tutorial: Kids PJ Pants

I made a stack of PJ pants yesterday, as they are so quick and easy to make, so I also wrote up a quick tutorial as I went. Hopefully this is easy enough to follow:

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Kids PJ Pants Tutorial

Comfy pair of pants to use as your pattern
Fabric for pants (I used flannel as we are heading into winter)
1" no roll elastic
Thread in matching or contrasting colour
Sewing machine


1. Lay your fabric out lengthwise (selvage to selvage), then fold the selvages each back toward the centre fold (see pics). It is important to have the folds matching up as you are only making one cut through all 4 layers.

2. Turn you pattern pants inside out, and fold in half. Line up the straight side with the folds of your fabric (as per pic). Trace around the outside of the pants, making sure to leave a generous 1/2" seam allowance down the sides, and 1 - 2" for waist band and hem. (I have added extra length at the hem as my daughter has grown and the pants need to be longer).

3. Unfold your two pieces and lay on top of each other, RIGHT sides together. Sew down the curved sections (waist to crotch).

4. Now you need to fold your pants the other way (so they look like pants!) Match up centre seams, and sew all the way from the hem on one leg, around and down to the hem on the other leg. (see pic below). NB. I don't have an overlocker, but I tend to zig zag stitch around all the seams now too.

5. OK - time for the waistband. I stitch my band in, but you can always do a simple casing if you prefer. First I measure my little persons waist and stitch the band into a circle. Then I half and quarter my band (fold in half, mark the folds, then fold in half again and mark those folds), and mark the sides and front of my pants. Match up your marks, and stitch the elastic in between each quarter stretching the elastic out as you go. Then fold down and repeat so your elastic is hidden and stitched twice. (Have just re-read this and it is really hard to explain, so probably much simpler to make a casing and insert the elastic that way!!).

6. Now for the hems. Turn your pants out the right way, then fold the hem under about 1/4", then again then stitch around the hem on each leg.

7. You're done! Fabulous - your little ones will be so excited! (And they probably wont take them off for days!)

NB. I will write up a quick post tomorrow about making matching top using scraps and applique.


  1. Awesome! Looking forward to having a go!

  2. Great tutorial and lovely blog, thanks!

  3. found your tutorial & it was easy peasy! thx! just made one of my girls some Xmas pjs! now to make 2 more for her sisters!

  4. That's great - glad it was helpful!