Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tutorial: Appliqué Kids PJ Top

As promised, here is a quick follow on from yesterdays Kids PJ Pants tutorial. I am not an appliqué expert, but this is quick and easy and has worked a treat for me with the girls:

 Find my Appliqué Kids PJ Top Tutorial after the jump.

Appliqué Kids PJ Top Tutorial

T-shirt, pre-washed (I used a soft cotton pointelle thermal top found in The Warehouse - they come in short and long sleeved which are lovely for winter).
Scrap of fabric to match your pj pants (I was able to cut a duck from mine, but you could also just draw your own shapes from generic fabric)
Heat n Bond fusible webbing
Sharp Scissors


1. Using the instructions provided on your fusible webbing, iron the webbing to the WRONG side of your fabric. If you are making your own design, you can draw this onto the paper then iron on to fabric (remember to reverse it!).

2. Cut your shape out with paper backing intact. The added thickness makes for easy cutting too!

3. Peel away backing paper and position your design in place on your top. NB. If you are centering your appliqué, it may pay to fold your top in half and crease (with your thumb, or iron) so you have an accurate reference point. Iron your design on to your top, making sure you slowly move the iron over all parts of your design to ensure it is securely fused in place.

4. Now stitch around your design, using a zigzag stitch on your machine, or hand stitching. Give your top a quick iron and your done!


  1. Wow, these are so so cute! Your blog is lovely. I became your newest follower and looking forward to your future posts..
    Happy Easter!

  2. Where do you find the time to do all these tutorials Cat?
    I'll put that apron in the post for you tomorrow (sorry), to be honest, I hate sending other bloggers my stuff, because I start fretting that it isn't sewn well enough. So please don't look too closely.

  3. If that isn't the cutest little duckie then I don't know what is!

    Thanks for the tutorials, I'm going to upsize and make a matching set for HUBBY. Hee hee hee.

    On a completely different tack - where do you get your cloth tags from? The ones that say Cat Taylor and you sew into your products. Does that make sense?

  4. Thanks Guys!

    Saskia - thanks for the follow!

    Stacey, don't be silly, your aprons look amazing, can't wait to get mine!

    Gnomeangel: I actually get these from fancy weaver (http://www.fancyweaver.com/label/) who are great. Have re-ordered a few times and their shipping is always really quick, and product always consistent. I do suggest that you include 15mm either end of your lettering if you re going to sew them in to your items! I think it is about $45 for 200 labels.

  5. Thanks Cat for the information :) Really appreciate it! :)

    Have a happy easter!

  6. Wow I just found your blog, so thrilled to find a kiwi blog with great ideas, cant wait to try this tutorial....