Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pj's and things...

It's been another busy week/weekend, school fair, birthday parties, play dates, general kid stuff! But I managed to get a bit of sewing in today which was lovely.

I found this cute blue (Isabella's favourite colour) hello kitty flannel a little while ago and Bella has been on at me to make her some winter pj's, so today I finally ticked that off the list. They are so quick and simple I always kick myself for not making a stack all at once. But think I will put a little tutorial together when I make the next ones.

I am not normally an applique sort of person, but Bella likes to have tops and bottoms, so I managed to find some comfy cotton pointelle long sleeved white tops at the warehouse which I applied a simple butterfly applique to - she was wrapped.

I also managed to get a few custom orders out the door - this bunting was one - destined for the sister of a little girl who already has some of my bunting. This wee girl has a red, pale blue and pink room - hope she enjoys her new bunting!

And lastly..., I made a start on a wee dress for Lucy. Plenty of room for her to wear through autumn, then over tights and long sleeved merino through winter.  It is still a work in progress as I ran out of time today. But I used some a beige baby corduroy for the body, and the yoke (and bottom trim once I finish!) is from a gorgeous scrap of vintage cotton I had in my stash. I just love the vibrant orange/yellow and green against the chocolate brown!


  1. Gosh some lovely stuff. I love that wee dress, perfect for the cooler Autumn weather.

  2. How sweet, I wish I had a girl for that adorable little dress. As for PJ's I love my son in flannel bottoms and would love a step by step tutorial for dummies please xx

  3. Loving it all - I am so in love with Hello Kitty.
    That dress is fabulous.

  4. Awesome Pjs! Would love the tutorial :)

  5. Fantastic Cat. Love those Hello Kitty PJs. Blue is Maddy's favourite colour too. Will have to go and get some of those tops from the Red Shed. Maddy is still wearing the Disney Flanellette pjs I made for her when she was 4 and refusing to part with them. They look ever so slightly ridiculous on my beanpole daughter. The new PJs are going to have to be pretty impressive to gazump the old ones! Adore the dress. That vintage fabric is just divine and will look stunning with Lucy's beautiful colouring. Can't wait to see it on!

  6. Thanks guys!

    When I get a free moment this week I will make up some bias and trim the bottom of the dress, can't wait to see it finished off. Will sort out pj tutorial later in the week too.