Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thrifty finds

I popped out to the library earlier to pick up this book which I had on hold... as I was driving home I went past the Salvation Army store and saw their truck unloading. I couldn't resist having a quick rummage...

This is what I found today:

1. Ms. Klondike, by Jessica Ross. Published in 1977 by Viking Press in New York.
I am in love with yellow at the moment, so it was rather fitting that I found this fabulous 'yellow' book! Unfortunately it has been scribble on, but the illustrations are lovely. I have a few ideas for re purposing this so watch this space!

2. Bits and Bobs.
A new fruit bowl... The vintage cutlery are to become my new herb garden markers... I already have some pretty flowers sitting on my desk in this new jug... love it! And call me a sucker, but I just couldn't resist this simple plate...

3. Clothes.
And finally I got these 4 items which are to be turned into some fabulous new creations... The 'crystal' buttons on the top were too gorgeous to resist (who can resist buttons?), and I thought the top itself would make a great journal cover, the is soft with an interesting pattern... the fabric on the black floral tunic is so gorgeous - soft and floaty. It has already been claimed and will become a lovely summer skirt for Isabella. The other two skirts are rather large and the fabric is in great condition, so they will become a few kids skirts too.

I will post some pics once I have completed some of these projects (mind you I have so many others on the go I can't promise it will happen quickly).

C xx

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  1. gosh! I just love how you can see the "finished product" in these pre-loved items! what a talent!