Thursday, April 22, 2010


I feel like I have been away from this blog for an age, but in reality it is only a few days. I have had a busy week in the real world with work commitments, kids, school... you know, real life stuff! But I have missed you :-)

I have also had a wee problem with my back up camera - I dropped my good one a while back and have been using the old one, but that has now decided to go into retirement, so looks like i will have to finally buy a new one. So that means no pretty pictures to show you until I find out how to get them off the camera that has died!

Now I must dash. Kraftbomb is on this Sunday, and I need to get myself organised!


  1. What a super cool poster & awesome name for crafty goodness. Love Posie

  2. Hi there, if you are after a point and shoot I can highly recommend a Canon one. My mother in law, grand mother in law, and sister in law all have one and they take amazing photos. I on the other hand bought a cybershot which is good too, but I am pretty convinced that Canons are better.
    I might see you at Kraftbomb I haven't been to that market yet.