Tuesday, April 13, 2010

grey day

It was a bit of a grey old day today, hinting at rain... Not overly inspiring weather.

We mixed up some pizza dough this morning and left it to rise, then Isabella and I went to a movie whilst Miss Lucy spent a couple of hours with Nana. We got ourselves a lovely big box of popcorn and curled up to enjoy Nanny McPhee. I hardly ever get to the movies these days so love it when I do - even if it does happen to be a kids movie, sometimes they are the best!

This afternoon we sorted out some art/craft supplies, and as we were sorting out the old crayons I remembered this post from Make and Takes. The kids really enjoyed the monotonous task of peeling off the old crayon paper and sorting the colours into the  moulds, and they sat there diligently watching whilst the crayons melted in the oven (only about 5 minutes). They cooled down really quickly and have already been used for some great master pieces!

The end result is great - next time I think I will do it in heart shaped moulds - great little gift for a small girl.

Next was operation pizza and grissini sticks (the girls one is photographed, half 'plain' and half ham and pineapple. Why are kids so boring with their toppings!?). Bella decided she would make some little bread 'snails' too, but sadly these were eaten before a photo was taken! Apparently they were that good :-)


  1. Sounds like a perfect day ~ LOVE the crayon idea ~ will have to do it with all our little pieces of crayon. xx

  2. OMG, that pizza looks divine! And I love the idea to make muffin tray crayons. Will have to try that one day. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. those crayons are a great idea! they won't break as easily as the thin ones. hmmm, maybe something to do tomorrow...

  4. Hi Cat my name is Catherine and I am a follower and thought I would stop by to say your homemade pizza looks delicious. I love rainy day fun and your day looks like it was perfect. :)

  5. love the crayons. that would be a great idea for teachers with all the left over bits of crayon in the classroom- might have to forward this idea to some of my teacher pals thanks! :)

  6. I've been thinking about doing those crayons for ages might just have to have a go today..thanks for the motivation :)

  7. Great idea!

    Saludos, Mr Spoqui