Thursday, August 26, 2010

my creative space: daffodils and costumes

My creative space isn't too creative at the moment! I finally finished (well I still have to hand stitch hems and pop on some hooks & eyes, but the large part is finished) all the costumes I had to sew for Bella's school show - Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  I am so glad they are done, and will be trying to remember not to put my hand up again next year!!

My day mainly involved two terrible 2 year olds, Lucy and my nephew Alex, who actually turns 3 next Tuesday, so hopefully he wont be so terrible after that :-)! We ended up taking them down to the beach after lunch to 'run them out' - they had a wonderful time, it was really mild this afternoon. Spring is in the air.

Bells came home from school today telling me she had to have a yellow hair band in her hair tomorrow as it is Daffodil Day, so together we made some little felt flower hair ties after school, one for Lucy (pink of course) and a yellow one for Bells.

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  1. Wow, I am slightly envious that you are now coming into Spring and the whole summer awaits you. It's nearly the end of summer here and feels like autumn already. The yellow hair band is so cute...I wonder if I could get my sons to wear one? Oh for a girl! ;0)

  2. that is just beautiful!!!!! have featured you on my blog today :)

  3. Wow nice and very beautiful share its remind me my past life when i was kids.
    Thanks for share this nice story.