Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday morning

It is a cold bleak morning here - hopefully it will clear up and warm up a little, as we currently have just about every electrical appliance in the house running (washing machine, dryer, oven, heaters!) to try and warm ourselves!

Date and orange scones hot from the oven for breakfast, yum!

Off to a birthday party, so that will keep us busy.


  1. Date and orange scones sound nice - we had fried scones for breakfast - not the healthiest but so good!

  2. Those scones look DELISH. I am looking at my kitchen wishing the aroma was coming from there.

  3. They look gorgeous Cat! We tried out our waffle machine out this morning and ended up with a lot of tasty but broken waffles. Hope you managed to keep warm and had fun at the party.

  4. Yummy looking scones. The weather is so perfect for scones at the moment. We made them this week too!