Monday, May 24, 2010

in production

Some new envelopes are in production in my studio this week (i.e. drawn, cut and stacked on my desk ready for folding and gluing!)... Where the Wild Things Are and Richard Scarry ones always disappear so quickly - some new ones will be from this book. I spend a lot of time searching for old/ripped/scribbled on copies of fabulous children's classics to make my envelopes - it is a lovely feeling finding the perfect book that has pages ripped out or drawn on and thinking I can make something cool from this.

I have also finished off some wee vests for the girls (from old jerseys). Lucy's I finished with a black and white polkadot binding. So quick and easy to make and such a satisfying project with this cold weather upon us.

Hope your week has started well - it was a cold dark Monday here... let's hope we see a bit of sun tomorrow, my clothes dryer is exhausted!


  1. ooh that vest looks so cosy! Our local Salvos doesn't seem to stock alot of kids books but I'm always on the lookout. I have a neat old Babar in Spanish book - a bit battered but only 10c from the Waihi Beach op shop.

  2. What a cool idea... we were recently given by my mother in law several boxes of vintage childrens books, including many richard scarry.. to which I squirrelled away and have on a top shelf. Not to be ripped boys! They are awesome.

    Loving the jumper vest, excellent idea. Might have a go and that when it gets a little cooler here.

  3. The vest is gorgeous Cat. Love the binding on it. I've been doing something similar today too (in between making our basement flood ready!)

  4. i have no girls but i love the wee dress x

  5. That book is one of our favorites! One of our pages was missing when I got it from ebay :( but I gloss over that bit.

    WHat a cute vest!

  6. That vest is divine! I love the way you bound the neckline and armholes, just gorgeous.