Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have been meaning to sew up some new oilcloth coin purses for ages. The pieces have been cut, lining carefully selected and cut, they have even been sitting with their zippers in my WIP pile..., for so long in fact that my tactful 6 year old asked me 'mummy, when are you going to actually sew those things together?'....!

Well, today I finally did - they are finished! I will load them into my felt and etsy shops this week! They are super cute and great for this wintry weather as they are waterproof :-)

I also made some non-oilcloth purses today. I had a few scraps of gorgeous Cath Kidston fabric left and it is lined with an equally cute multi-coloured polka-dot cotton.

And some interesting vintage remnants from Salvage...


  1. Beautiful! Love the florals :)

  2. Cat, I want to buy them all !!!!! I will haunt your Felt shop ... x

  3. Well done Cat! They are all super cute!