Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friendly Bunnies

During the holidays, the girls and I borrowed a few books from the library on making soft toys... something I haven't done up until now.

Inspired by the bunnies from Flossys Fancy (the Devonport Craft Market) - (and because it looked like the most simple, straight forward pattern in the book!) I started off with these sweet bunnies.

The pattern is in Softies, 22 Friends for You to Sew, Knit and Crochet. Much to my horror, my beautiful 5 year old has bookmarked a whole swag of things 'we' want to make from this book... so we will be busy!

My first attempt was 'Bunny' (as named for Lucy...) made with some scraps; denim from an old, ripped pair of jeans and some spotty, red fabric which was the lining in an old bag). 'Bunny' was made from the pattern, but I think his body is too short, and head too long, so I made some adjustments for my next attempt.

No. 2 is still not perfect... but I used a beautiful, brightly coloured, vintage embroidered tray cloth (that was stained and had moth holes) and I love her - she is now living on my dressing table and eyeing herself up in the mirror when no one is looking!

xx C


  1. they came out great! I love the one with the embroidery, well done you =)

  2. Thanks! A little on the thin side though still so need to make a few more pattern adjustments : )