Friday, October 16, 2009

Crafternoon Tea Market

It seems I have been quite neglectful of my online shops lately, what with all the craft markets that are currently happening. So yesterday (yes, I know, it was a grey, rainy day - not great for photography!) I made myself busy and took a stack of product shots in order to get some of my new items listed.

I still have to label them all on flickr, and obviously list the items in my felt and etsy stores, but I feel a sense of achievement to get that all ticked off my list!

Speaking of markets. I will have a table at a new market tomorrow. The first ever Crafternoon-Tea market: 10am - 2pm at the Trinity Methodist Church Hall, 400 New North Road, Kingsland.

Click here to see a map.

See you there!
C xx

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