Tuesday, February 22, 2011

party bags

So, wanting to use up a little of my paper stash, I decided to make some surprise envelope bags for bella's party on Sunday. I found a whole packet - unopened - of translucent paper in one of my folders, that is about 10 years old! I used 2 sheets per bag and just zig zag stitched them together with red thread to enclose the goodies inside.

I have a love affair with Japanese things, so lucky for me we have a Japanmart nearby. I found some super cute stationary sets (notepaper, envelopes and stickers), sweet stackable stamps and some lovely wee rubbers. Add some chocolate into the mix and you have the perfect ingredients for some 7 year old party bags.


  1. What an awesome idea Cat. Love how they are all enclosed. Might discourage them from opening their bags before they get home. I always find loads of bits and pieces that the kids have left behind from party bags after my girls' parties.

  2. It looks great, and it can be added some little artwork too. You're so creative and resourceful.

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  3. Wow! Those are gorgeous, I bet the girls loved them.

  4. What a great idea! I too love that they are sealed, no tears or sad faces due to bits that have fallen out!