Monday, February 21, 2011


So you've probably already worked out that I am a bit of a hoarder... not only do I have an overwhelming fabric stash, but I also have a bit of a paper addiction. This can come in handy though, as I found this past week when Bella and I were making her party invitations.

I have a few folders that are just bulging with all the papers that I have collected over the years. Whenever I design an invitation for someone, I always get extra paper 'just in case', and then pop them into my folders. I have that 'can't throw it away, as it just might come in handy one day' disease, so there are even folders full of paper bags and kraft papers of all different grams and shades!

I also have bags full of scraps from the vintage children's books I use for my upcycled envelopes. I just can't seem to throw them away in case they'll be useful one day.... although I am wondering if I should take a leaf out of Heleen's book and have a big sort out and start up an Etsy shop for all the wonderful bits and pieces that could do with a new home....


  1. You can never have too much paper!!
    Check out they have all the latest Cristina Re and Annie P stuff + Japanese Chiyogami - papers that I can't find in NZ.
    Thought you might want to take a look!

  2. Your 'scraps' are very well organised! I strongly believe that you can never have enough paper on hand... so you're on the right track!! x

  3. I can't believe you are such a organised hoarder that you keep it all neatly in files. Well done!

  4. Cat, I am speechless with how organised you are ... I suspect if I had a stash liek that it would be willy nilly all over the place. x