Wednesday, February 16, 2011

birthdays and bunting

I have been busy with lots of custom bunting and birthday invitation orders of late. So busy in fact, that I almost completely forgot to sort out my own daughters birthday invitations (for a party that is next week!). As she is turning seven, and is completely 'crafty', Isabella wanted to hand-make her invitations, rather than me design them on the computer... So we had a bit of fun last night putting these together.

Bella is having a small party at a bead shop, so she wanted 'bracelet' invitations. We used some scalloped card and attached a small bracelet to each, then popped them in petal enclosures, and sealed them with round stickers with the girls names. Bella had a ball putting these together, and was really pleased with herself when she was able to tell her friends that she made them!


  1. Cat these are a wonderful design, so so sweet. The girls who get these are going to love them.:)

  2. Thanks Catherine - it was nice to see Bella enjoying the process of putting them together. I think she has seen me design so many invitations that it was great for her to do it herself!

  3. Cat, these are just gorgeous and obviously Bella follows in her mother's footsteps !!!
    Honestly you are just so clever .... x

  4. how lovely to give her a chance to express her creativity just like her Mum, you must be so proud. They look great! (and great to hear you're so busy too). Have a lovely weekend x