Friday, December 17, 2010

rainy days

It has rained for the past couple of days here.., like buckets of the stuff! We have not had any rain for such a long time that it is quite a welcome relief! Also well timed as we had more Christmas baking to do. This morning we made some lemon curd, mini banana and chocolate chip muffins, creamy chocolate fudge and some more white chocolate rocky road. I am feeling rather smug and relaxed about Christmas this year... no last minute shopping or rushing around for us.

Last year was such a hectic time with moving in to a new house etc, that this year I vowed we would just enjoy it all. So far so good!

ps. I put the recipes in separate posts - I find it a bit easier for reference :-)


  1. ooh yum! thanks for the recipes, I was just thinking about making rocky road and fudge next week! see you Sunday :)

  2. Thanks for the delicious recipes. These are all favourites of mine too!! x

  3. Yuuuuummmm ~ my taste~buds have come alive just looking at those sweet delights!