Tuesday, November 09, 2010


By far, my favourite thing about November has to be peonies! I wish they flowered all year long, but then again, maybe I wouldn't love them so much if they weren't so special...

I am having a quiet catch up day today. I am still tired from all the recent late nights and market filled weekends. It is nice to have a bit of thinking time... My kitchen table is full to overflowing with fabrics ready to be cut and sewn into items for the next few markets - but for now, I am catching up on orders, emails, and a bit of blog reading!


  1. Beautiful :-) I love peonies too!

  2. Very lush (is that an English word?), they are fast becoming my fav over tulips these days!

  3. Beautiful - glad you had the chance to slow down a bit, so precious time like that