Wednesday, June 02, 2010

polka dots

I just turned my office calendar over (I know I am a day late!) and found this gorgeous illustration staring back at me!

I had completely forgotten about it, but it is one of my favourites from my Sweet William 2010 calendar. What a gorgeously colourful illustration for a cold dreary winters June!

Hope your week is going well :-)


  1. oh that is SOOO gorgeous.. personally I LOVE red polka dots...loving your calendar :)

  2. cute! my toddler has little red and white spotted shoes and they get so many comments whenever she wears them :)

  3. Wow such a cute calendar... it looks like the feet are jumping with joy!

    red shoes always put a smile on face, no matter the weather..

  4. i always forget that your weather is opposite of mine when i read your posts. it's sunny and hot here where we're just beginning summer.