Sunday, January 31, 2010

tidy up time

I have spent the afternoon amidst a pile of fabric and notions in an attempt to tidy up my sewing room/studio... and I am not enjoying myself!

I have come to the following conclusions:

1. I have a seriously unhealthy fabric addiction...
2. I have a seriously unhealthy paper addiction...
3. I have a seriously unhealthy ribbon addiction...
4. I have far too many zips!
5. My room is far too small.

In the middle of sorting through my fabrics I got stuck. I currently have my fabrics loosely sorted into: stripes/spots/flowers/vintage/embroidered/sheets/japanese linens/kids prints/oil cloth/felt/linen/tulle etc... but then I was thinking maybe I should sort into colours...? I would love to know what others do. I have to say my creative space really weighs me down at the moment!

But atleast now I can see the floor! And my beautiful 5 year old just walked in and sid 'Wow Mummy, your room is soooooo tidy!'

It made me smile.


  1. wow you have a real treasure trove there! I haven't got anything like the fabric stash you have but I sort my fabric into colours. helps when my toddler asks for "a pink and green bag thanks mama"!

  2. Yup, sorted by colour here too!

  3. I want to steal all your fabric!

  4. I am really curious to know how the crafty people of the world store all their goodies (because let's face it, us creative people hoard beautiful things!). So thanks for sharing!