Saturday, January 02, 2010

Birthday wishes...

The girls and I have just come in from a morning in the garden. The girls depleting the nations water supplies with the hose, water slide, and splinker... and me trying to detangle our over grown jungle of a garden in order to get some veges planted!

It is hot, very hot! We are welcoming the cool shade of the house over the middle hours of the day. Lucy is napping, but once she wakes we will head for a refreshing swim at the beach.

Now I finally managed to dust of the sewing machine last night in order to make up some custom orders and some fun birthday presents.

A mini 'ballerina' gel pen roll to go with a writing set for Isabella's friend who is turning 5 next week.

And a 'helicopter' felt pen roll for a little boy, also turning 5.

It was so nice to hear the gentle hum of the sewing machine again, it feels like forever, although it is probably only a month!

I hope you are all enjoying this glorious summer weather!

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