Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tooth Fairies.... cos apparently there is more than one!

My beautiful 5 year old lost her second tooth tonight - so she is currently looking more 'gappy' than beautiful, but that's life I guess.

As I was putting her to bed, she had a 'squillion' questions for me about the tooth fairy... you know how it goes...

5 year old "does the tooth fairy fly really fast?"
Mum "Sure"
5 year old "Well, how fast?"
Mum "Really, really fast"
5 year old "Do butterflies fly fast?"
Mum "Sure"
5 year old "Well, how fast?"
Mum "Really, really fast"
5 year old "So do butterflies fly faster than tooth fairies (cos apparently there is more than one)?"
Mum "Hmmm, I'm not sure - now go to sleep"
5 year old "Just go and google it mum..., you know 'google it' means just look on the internet!"  !!!

Oh how times have changed!

On another note - the Devonport Craft Market was on again last Sunday and Sarah of Songbird Designs kindly took some photos of my table for me.

It was a very quiet day in Devonport on Sunday, I think everyone was at the Parent Child Show, or the Auckalnd Marathon, but it was a really nice day to catch up with some other lovely, super crafty stall holders! I got to spend a lot of my day chatting with Heleen from Ruby in the Dust, and Jess from Bam Bam Creative. It was also really cool to finally put faces to the names of Lucy from Felt and Mel from Black Swan Designs.

C xx

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  1. Love the tooth fairy story! Maddy is about to lose her first tooth so I'm expecting similar conversations! I might have to rig up some sort of little pouch she can wear around her neck to school if it looks like its going to fall out there.