Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had a day with no 'little people' in the house, so I decided to tackle recovering an old ottoman.

We acquired this ratty old ottoman when we moved in (almost a year ago) and I have been meaning to recover it since then, so it was lovely to finally cross it off my never ending 'to do' list.

I had a few meters of bright, tropical, cotton upholstery weight fabric in my stash, so decided it may be safer to use that for my first attempt!

Thankfully the staples came out without too much trouble, and recovering the base was quite straight forward. When it came to sewing the cover for the box cushion, I loosely followed this post. I found it totally straight forward and simple to follow, and easily adaptable for what I wanted to achieve.

It has certainly brightened up a dull corner of my bedroom, and the girls have decided that it is a pretty cool spot to sit and read stories. The best bit is that I now know what to do, so when I am sick of the bright cover I can just recover it with something new!


  1. this looks great, Cat! amazing what the right fabric (and a good eye of course!) can do :)