Tuesday, June 21, 2011

winter days

It is the shortest day here today, but absolutely stunning. The sun is shining brightly and life feels good!

I have the house to myself this morning, for the first time in days. I have had sick kids at home for what seems like forever! So I am enjoying some quiet time catching up on work, and trying to get myself organised for Craft2.0 next week.

Drinking hot coffee... listening to Vol. 2-Uncovered and working in the sun... heaven.


  1. That does sound pretty heavenly! I'm stuck at work wishing I was at home, crafting in the sun. Soak some up for me :)

  2. Off to make a hot chocolate now, my children are all fighting fit, i'm the one down for the count!! Love Posie

  3. sounds divine - it's amazing how much children can fill a space isn't it. Good luck with getting ready for the fair x