Thursday, July 29, 2010

my creative space: thinking about somewhere warm...

I have been thinking about someplace warm this week. It seems as if everyone around me is going somewhere !! I have sold so many passport covers over the past couple of weeks that it makes me feel as if I am missing something :-)

Today I have been trying to replenish my stock.... but think I'd prefer an airline ticket to Fiji !

You can check out more lovely creative peeps at kirsty's.

Hope you're enjoying your week.



  1. I am coveting that red riding hood fabric so cute!

  2. My passport expired last Wednesday! That must mean it's five years since I started organising my OE. My has time flown! I'd love to renew it and fly somewhere warm too, but sadly my bank balance doesn't want to play that game.

  3. they all look so good, have a friend who is travelling to London soon, so you know which one had me thinking of her.It seems I've left a comment for a june post as this is where your link for this weeks creative space took me. Just wanted to let you know. Great blog by the way.