Saturday, July 31, 2010

child of the 70's

I received a lovely surprise in the post today. My father had been sorting through old slides (yes, slides!!), and decided to scan in the ones he could rescue and pop them on a disc for me. I have really enjoyed looking through them this evening, it takes me back to those family evenings when my parents would pull out the slide projector and we'd all curl up and look at old slides... hmmm, now I am really showing my age!

Anyway, here are a few of my fav's... sorry about the quality.

This is me eating what looks like the worlds biggest lollipop (who would be insane enough to give a kids a lollipop that big?  Mum!!) outside the old Stone Store in the Bay of Islands

OK, so this is not a favourite.., but I just had to show you the old roller skates! And that big A-frame house behind is a 'playhouse' that my dad built for us when we were little. It had 2 levels, and at the back it had a deck on the second storey... he also managed to get some old fire house telephones (the old wind up ones) and wired them into his shed (next door to the playhouse), the house and the playhouse, so when we were out in the playhouse, we could 'phone' the house and ask for things - how cool is that! Let's just say we were very popular for after school playdates!

I just love this one. When we were kids, Dad had a yacht so we mostly used to spend our summer holidays up at Kawau on the boat. It was an amazing lifestyle, but I guess we used to do silly things to amuse ourselves... This photo shows my sister and a friend of ours rowing, and me holding the painter for the yellow dinghy carrying the dog... that poor dog - at the time I am sure we thought it was a great game :-)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Cat xx


  1. Love them Cat. Wow your Dad was amazing building you that house complete with phones. It looks like an incredible childhood.

  2. I love old photos like that! the playhouse sounds amazing!

  3. Oh what a treasure! Gorgeous slides and great memories. Love the faded old school colours...they have such charm! =)

  4. that playhouse is wonderful :) and what a cutie you were; your girls look just like you did!

  5. I LOVE old pictures... I often dream of what it would be like to really live in the photos :)
    and that poor dog!! made me smile though!

  6. oh how wonderful - those photo's are great! (and that poor dog, he he)