Friday, September 23, 2011

story time

We are a little book mad in our house... Both my girls (and me) love reading, but we have been through a bit of a funny stage lately with my 7 year old. I was finding it really hard to source any decent reading material for Isabella. Books that she could read herself, but that were still interesting (she is definitely not a 'fairy' book kind of kid!).

It seems though, that we have come out the other side of that dilemma. She is currently obsessed with Roald Dahl. We have been slowly making our way through his children's books, at the moment we're reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I had forgotten what a magical book it is... As we read I  feel just like a kid again, I can still vividly remember reading it as a child...

We also love Quentin Blake's illustrations. Both Quentin Blake, and Roald Dahl have quite fun, interactive websites if you fancy a look.. I love the 'paint-a-parrot' game on Quentin Blakes site! You can also download some free bookplates from here.

If you have any recommendations for great books for 7+ leave me a comment, I am compiling a wee list!!


  1. I recently bought several Roald Dahl books at Paper Plus when they were $4.95 each. I still have many from my own childhood (some even pre-Quentin Blake!) so wanted to fill the gaps. I've been reading them to Carly (almost 5) and she's loving them. I do find though, that some start off well, then get progressively more wordy and ridiculous as they go on. But kids love it. We're starting Matilda soon, but have been warned not to watch the movie first.

  2. Matilda is great - you will love it!.

  3. Georges Marvelous medicine is a favourite, as is Fantastic Mr fox, The giraffe the Pelly & Me, Esio trot, BFG. Also try the EJ12 Girl Hero series, and the Indie Kid series, my Maddy was never into "fairy" books but loves EJ12 and the Indie Kid books. Some o the Indie kid books are at book barn in newmarket they were about $4.95 each on special. A good read together book might be Pippi Longstockings- the new one wth the illustrations done by the lady who writes Charlie and Lola is fun.

  4. Have you seen the Ottoline books? My two love the story and the fact they told me that they are "forever books" which means they intend to keep them and read them to their own kids!!