Saturday, October 02, 2010


I had a few hours to myself yesterday - a rare commodity in our house! So rather than tackle all those things on my to do list, I did a little spring cleaning...

I lost my studio recently when the girls decided they absolutely needed their own rooms. So I moved my bedroom, and studio into the super large room they shared, and they now have their own rooms. Sounded like a great solution in theory, but the reality is that I lie in bed thinking of all the things I should be doing, and my bedroom is now always surrounded in clutter. So I spent some time yesterday trying to de-clutter and make my room more of a sanctuary and less of a studio with a bed.... !

I used some gorgeous Marimekko Unikko fabric to make some new cushion covers for my bed. I love the vibrant colours, and the room already feels so much lighter and brighter. I made a couple extra and popped them in my etsy shop too.

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  1. That's just gorgeous, what uplifting fabric