Sunday, April 05, 2009


Let me introduce my cats:

This is Cinnamon...

She is my house cat. She keeps me company in the studio. She loves eating. She is terribly lazy. She wont go outside unless she absolutely has to. She tolerates the kids. And she loves rats!

This is Kaos...

He is my protector. He loves the sun. He loves to sleep. He doesn't tolerate the kids. He is very grumpy. He also loves rats.

These are our cats looking like butter wouldn't melt...

And this is the rat Isabella found under our dining room table this morning...

...and made daddy ceremoniously bury in the garden!


I have to say, I hate rats. Especially dead ones under my dining table. I am now wondering if we have a nest somewhere, as that is number 2 in so many weeks... although number 1 was a quarter of the size!

I know you are wondering which of my lazy cats actually caught this rat? Well, Cinnamon has claimed ownership, she has been rubbing around me all day asking for praise for the glorious gift she bestowed upon us this morning, although I doubt she would have been able to get it through the cat door... my bets are on Kaos, but he is much brighter and has not been seen all day!

Lets hope tomorrow is free of glorious gifts!


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