Tuesday, February 09, 2010

baby girl - quilt tutorial

A few of my friends are expecting new babies over the next couple of months (isn't it funny how there is always a cluster!). Actually, one is being induced today..., so I decided to make another 'quick' quilt as a gift, and whilst I was at it, I wrote up a little tutorial - so here you go:

Quick 'No Bind' Quilt Tutorial 
Finished size approx. 102cm x 78cm (40" x 30.5")

5 fabrics cut into 5 swatches each 22cm x 17cm (8.5" x 6.5")
1m Backing fabric 112cm (w) (44")
1m Cotton Batting 112cm (w) (I used Warm white 100% cotton batting as I had a light coloured backing fabric)
Thread in matching colour
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat
Template (I cut a template 22x17cm out of hard cardboard)
Sewing machine
Straight pins

1/4" seam allowance (unless otherwise stated)


1. Using your template, cut 5 swatches from each of your 5 fabrics. You should have 25 swatches in total measuring 22cm (h) x 17cm (w). NB. If you want to use up some fat quarters, you can cut 4 good swatches and then piece the 5th swatch together! (great solution if you don't mind the imperfections).

2. Lay your swatches out so that each swatch is represented once only in each row/column. NB. You may want to pin the swatches of each row together so you don't get the order confused when sewing.

3. Starting at the top left, stitch your pieces together to create a horizontal strip. Continue with each row until you have 5 complete strips.

 4. Turn over and iron each strip with the seams to the LEFT.

5. Align the seams, pin, then stitch first row to second. Continue until all rows have been stitched together. Once you have finished, turn over and iron all the seams DOWN.

6. Find a nice large, flat surface. Lay out and smooth down your cotton batting.  On top of that, lay out and smooth down your backing fabric RIGHT SIDE UP. On top of that, lay out and smooth down the quilt topper that you have just stitched, RIGHT SIDE DOWN.

 7. Begin in the centre, and pin all 3 layers together.  I pinned at every second seam throughout the middle, and every seam around the outside (see diagram below).
Starting at the 'pink' dot, stitch your way around the edge of the quilt to the 'blue' dot. Trim the excess batting/backing fabric so your seams are flush with quilt top.

8. Turn quilt inside out through the window you left, use a chop stick or something thin and blunt to poke the corners out, then iron flat. You can pin, or stitch the opening closed.


 9.  Lay your quilt out, and, starting in the middle, pin all 3 layers together again (this time pinning at every seam).

10. Using a 1/8th" seam allowance, top stitch around the entire perimeter of the quilt, then, starting in the middle, top stitch to the RIGHT of each VERTICAL seam, and to the BOTTOM of each HORIZONTAL seam. There is a lot of 'bulk' to handle, so I tend to roll the quilt in order to keep it flat whilst stitching.

11. Your finished! Admire your handiwork :-)


  1. Great tutorial thanks Cat! I've got lots of babies to make for at the moment too. I might have to make one of these. It looks rather beautiful!

  2. What a great tutorial! Love the pink and green together. (and i'm not a pink person!)

  3. on my list of projects now! thanks for the tutorial :)

  4. awesome tute Cat! I love seeing how other people make stuff, I usually bind my quilts so cool to see an alternative method.

  5. Oh i just love the colors .... can't wait to make one for my little girl (after a few dollies of course hahaha)

  6. what a great tutorial, thanks, printed and now on my list. The finished quilt is just beautiful (great photo's too)

  7. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Finished my first ever quilt in plenty of time for Christmas!


  8. This is PERFECT!!!! Found you on Pinterest!!!!! I have 6 quilt tops I need to finish for gifts but didn't want to have to pay someone to finish them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!